Two Reasons To Choose A Commercial Printer For Your Stationary Business

As an artist, opening a stationary shop is a great way to make money from your creativity. One immediate challenge you'll face, however, is deciding whether to manufacture your own products at home or work with a commercial printer to produce them. Here are two reasons you should choose the second option.

Save Time and Money

On the surface, it may seem like making your own stationary products at home would be cheaper than buying them from a commercial printer. To be honest, this is likely true when you're first starting out and producing products on a very small scale.

However, the costs of expanding or scaling your business may quickly exceed the price a commercial printer would charge you. Some costs are obvious. For instance, you may need to buy more equipment to expand your offerings, or your paper usage jumps from five boxes a month to a dozen.

But there are also hidden costs you need to factor into your decision, such as the time it takes to make the products. The more time you spend in your workshop means less time for other things, like being with your family. Another issue is you may be restricted from growing your business because you literally don't have the space for more equipment, requiring you to rent an office or storage unit.

A commercial printer can solve many of these problems and likely for cheaper when you factor in all the expenses. Additionally, many printers have volume discounts, so your costs may lower as you grow. It's a good idea to discuss your goals with an agent at a print company to see who their services can save you time and money over the long haul.

Complementary Services

Another benefit to using a commercial printer is that many of them offer complementary services that can help you with your business. For instance, some companies can help you market your products by identifying your target market and putting together campaigns to reach them.

Other companies offer print-on-demand services, meaning your product is only made when it's ordered by your customer. Not only can this save you money and eliminate the need for storage space, but it's more environmentally friendly since it reduces waste.

There are many things a commercial printer can do to contribute to the success of your stationary business. Connect with a local commercial printing company who can detail what they offer and help you select the services that work best for your goals.