6 Signs A Business Should Adopt Automated Mailing Services

Automated business mailing services allow organizations to handle a potentially large and complex task with ease. If you're looking at automated mailing services as an option, you should consider these 6 signs it's time to adopt this approach.

Too Much Work

One of the main benefits of automating the mailing process is to cut down on work. If you're working by hand to produce and mail products, it will always be labor-intensive. Even if you have a computerized part of the process, such as printing labels, there will still be lots of work involved with going down a list and affixing labels to mail items. Particularly if you're mailing items in the thousands, it may be more efficient to automate the process.

Losing Track of Customers

Manually mailing items creates a risk you'll lose track of customers. You may lose them from the list due to human error or people moving on.

Ideally, you can use automation to not only handle standard mailings but to keep your list up-to-date. Using automated mailing services, you can send update requests to individuals or the postal service. You can then feed the response into the system to quickly update who ought to be on the list.

Expanding Campaigns

Many businesses are comfortable dealing with one or two campaigns without automation. However, as you add more campaigns, it can be challenging to pair target audiences with specific messages. If you're at the point where you're avoiding further expansion due to the potential difficulties, it's time to adopt automated business mailing services.

Declining Conversions

The goal of most mailing work is to get someone to do something. You might want a person to visit a store during a sale or make a donation, for example. If you see evidence that people are becoming less responsive, it may be time to automate the mailing process.

Unable to Track Performance

A big reason to use automated mailing services is to track performance. If you can't assign key performance indicators to each round of mailings, it will be hard to judge your return on the investment. Automated systems allow you to use embedded codes in coupons and returnable pieces to track who received what. This can help you refine messages to what works best.

Insufficient Budget

Automated mailing services allow businesses to perform at a higher level. If you find your budget isn't allowing you to target enough people, automation may be the solution. An automated approach can allow a limited number of employees to get more pieces out to more targets at a reasonable price.