Screen And Digital Printing: Getting To Know The Difference As A Customer

Whether you are a business owner looking to have some custom banners printed for use as marketing material or you are a teacher getting t-shirts for a full class of students, you will have no problem at all finding a printing service online or otherwise who can help you get what you need. However, there are differences that you have to be aware of when you are shopping for printed textiles, specifically when it comes to the differences between digital and screen printing. Some companies offer both digital and screen printing services, but many offer only one or the other. Take a few minutes to better understand the differences between screen printing and digital printing before you pick a certain one. 

So, what is the difference between the techniques of screen and digital printing?

Screen printing involves making a custom screen to coincide with the specific design that you need as a printing services customer. The ink itself is then extruded through this screen in the application process to achieve the specific design. On the other hand, digital printing involves creating a custom computer graphic, oftentimes by using a scanned image, to control a digital printer that applies the design to the material. 

What are the advantages of screen printing over digital printing?

Both types of printing have their own sets of advantages for different reasons. However, screen printing methods are often preferred by knowledgeable customers for a few different reasons, including: 

  • screen printing works well on dark-colored materials because of the thickness of the ink applied
  • screen printing gives more vibrant, solid color results
  • screen printing results are sometimes more resilient than digital printing results

Digital printing does have its advantages as well. For example, digital printing techniques can often achieve more detailed results if you have a specific design or pattern with tiny details that you need printed. 

Is it true you can do screen printing at home on your own?

You can actually pick up screen printing kits at just about any craft store or to purchase your own screen printing supplies, and these are a fun way to get creative in designing simple items like shirts, hats, or silk posters. However, when you need several items printed, it is always more feasible to go with a professional screen printing service, both due to the costs of the supplies needed and the amount of time it would take to apply images to several items.