Unusual Business Card Designs To Consider If You Are A Hairdresser

If you are a hairdresser, one of the main methods that you are going to use to make sure that people remember your name and salon is to pass out your business card. Your business card is essentially a physical reminder that people can carry in their wallets and pass out to their family and friends. In order to make that you are able to make your business card stand out from all of the other business cards that people might have in their pockets, you are going to have an unusual business card. Here are some possible designs that you can consider.

 1. Cut Out Hair Design

If you primarily do female hair, chances are good that you are going to have a lot of clients that have longer locks. You can use their locks as inspiration for your business card. Have one side of your business card be the traditional squared or rounded corners with straight lines on either side. From there, you can talk to your business card designer and request that the other side of the business card be cut so that it resembles a person's flowing hair. This will allow your business card to stand out physically from the other cards that a person might have and make them more likely to pay attention to it.

2. Actual Hair

Another option is to talk to your business card company to see they have any card stock or other material that would be strong enough to support small strands of human hair or fake hair. If they do, you can always request that a short braid of hair gets attached to the business card. This will make your business card unusual, increasing the chances that the person to whom you give the card will remember it.

3. Comb

Finally, your last option is to have a small plastic comb attached to one side of a standard business card made out of card stock. This makes your business card much more practically useful on a basic level in order to make sure that people keep track of your card. People are going to want to keep track of your comb in order to do small touch ups to their hair during the day. 

For more information, talk to your business card designer like 4 Color Print. He or she will be able to tell you what types of materials they have and what sorts of designs will be possible.