Have Signs Created To Make Your Wedding Reception Go As Smoothly As Possible

Throwing a great wedding reception starts with planning the details perfectly. You need to take the time to make sure that everyone knows where to go and what to do during the reception. Having custom signs created for your big event can make the reception go as smoothly as possible. The following guide walks you through a few of the signs you may want to have made for your wedding reception.

Directional Signs

When you have your reception and ceremony in two different places, your guests may need help finding the reception venue when they leave the ceremony. Having signs by the roads that indicate that your wedding reception is being held in that particular location can help guests be able to easily identify where they need to go to come and celebrate with you.

Parking Signs

If your reception is taking place in a venue that does not have parking spots designated, such as a farm or beach reception, having signs designating where people should park can be helpful. Be sure that you get permission from the property owners before choosing locations for people to use for parking.

Signs Indicating Food and Drink Locations

You need to be sure that everyone is able to get plenty to eat and drink during your reception. Have signs created to label any food and drink tables. Hang the signs above the tables so that people can find the food or drinks they need, even when there is a sea of people blocking the tables from their view.

Labeling Signs

If you plan to have any games or a photo booth at your reception, have signs created to label those, as well. Also, be sure that you have signs created to label your gift table so that people know where to put the gifts that they bring you, so that they can all be kept in one place. Also, make sure that the guest book table is labeled so that everyone can wish you well for your future marriage and sign that they were in attendance so you can know where to send thank you cards when everything is said and done.

The signs can be created in any size, color, and with any print you choose. You need to be sure that you choose a design that will be easy to spot and easy to read to ensure that everyone knows where everything is during your reception. Contact a local printing service to get help with signs and banners.