Have A Custom Sign Made To Use In Your Child's First Birthday Pictures

When it is time to have your child's first birthday pictures taken, consider having a cute custom sign made to display next to him or her to help make the pictures even more special. There are many different options when it comes to the signs, so it is important to take your time when choosing what you want the sign to display. The following guide walks you through a few cute things you could have on the sign to make the pictures memorable.

List Statistics About Your Child

You may want to list your child's height and weight on the sign. This allows you to know exactly how large they were when the picture was taken.

Tell What Their Favorite Toy Is

As children age, their likes and dislikes change. While you may not keep the toy that was their favorite when they were one, having a reminder of what they loved playing with the most may spark some very precious memories when you look at the pictures later on down the road.

Tell What Their Favorite Thing to Do Is

There are often little things that each child enjoys doing the most when they are very young. Specifying what your child enjoys doing most when they are one can help remind you to share stories of moments that happened with your child about when they were young when they are older.

Tell What Their Favorite Food Is

Every child has a favorite food, even when they are as young as one. Tastes change and a food that your child loved when they were one they may never want to eat when they are a teenager, so it can be amusing to look back on the foods they liked.

List Unique Things They Can Do

There are some children who do very amazing things early in life. If your child can speak clearly, started walking early, or has an amazing talent to dance or sing, be sure to list it on the board. You want to be able to look back and remember the amazing things your child could do very early in life.

Many parents think that they will remember all of the details of when their child was young, but the memories often fade over time, unfortunately. Having one of these custom signs created by a print shop allows you to be sure that you are able to have a reminder of the little details that make your child so amazing. After the sign is printed, you can frame it to give it a finished look.