Which Plastic Card Printing Technique Is Best For Your Business?

Today's world is vastly different than it was just a couple of decades back, especially when it comes to how to market your product. If you own a retail business, even a small one, promoting it can be easier when you offer your customers a plastic coupon card to use on purchases of your products or services. Find out which type of plastic card printer service would best for you.

Screen Printing Can Produce Cool Results For Less

As a small business owner, you may be worried about saving as much money as possible for coupon cards. Maybe you have decided to only get a small number of cards to see if they produce noticeable results before you purchase larger orders of them. If you choose screen printing techniques for printing your coupon cards, you can spend less because this technique is typically used for small orders. Choosing a printing company that offers traditional printing methods is important to get the most cost effective deals.

Lithography Techniques Provide You Greater Design Options

Because you can incorporate many colors and two levels of design (for images and non-images) on one card, lithography is one of the most popular choices for plastic card printing services. Because this technique is so popular, you can find great deals offered by plastic card printing companies. Lithographic techniques can include sheet printing your coupon cards and cutting them out at one time with a die tool. This method allows for fewer mistakes because it is easier to spot errors like the wrong color or smeared design.

The Benefits Of Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation involves your coupon card design being pressed onto the plastic card sheeting material through a ribbon with ink on it. This technique works in the same way as an old typewriter that uses ribbons. If you decide this method is best for your card printing, remember to ask about any limitations you have to remember when planning your card's design. You should ask the same question about every aspect of your printing process for getting the best results. Many small business owners choose this technique for printing coupon cards because it is also cheaper.

Learning more about the best way to print the coupon cards for your retail business is a good way to save time and money. The money you invest in having your cards printed can return many time more so through the customers you impress with them.