Technologies That Drastically Cut Back On Paper Waste At The Office

Some offices use an enormous amount of paper on a yearly basis as part of their normal operations. Paper is actually the largest form of solid waste that Americans throw away making up 27 percent of all municipal solid waste in the United States. This means that using these tech solutions to conserve it can go a long way to conserving it and saving the environment.  

Erasable Paper Copy Machines

One way to conserve paper in your office is to not throw it out at all. There are special copy machines available now that let you erase paper you've used previously and immediately recycle it within your office. Special toner works with the copy machine to provide this effect. The machine works by heating up the paper which erases the ink on it and makes the paper blank.

There are limits to how many times you can do this, but the limit is five times for each piece of paper. At the very least, this will save 60 percent in carbon dioxide emissions, according to some reports. Copiers that use this tech will cost between 20 and 30 percent more than normal copiers depending on the model, and the pages per minute may be a bit slower as well.But this will undoubtedly cut back on energy waste for producing paper. The savings will also eventually even out the cost as well.

100-Percent Recycled Paper for Business Glossy Sheets

Recycled paper that's made 100-percent from other materials has been around for a while when it comes to normal paper in normal operations, but it's a different matter when it comes to high-end glossy paper. Manufacturing companies had trouble making 100-percent recycled paper usable by businesses to create magazines, booklets and other marketing materials.

However, a recent breakthrough has now made this possible. Premium paper only had 30 percent recycled options before. The new technology was made possible to improvements to the de-inking process used to allow for the premium paper as well as a brand new type of coating that allowed for fully recycled glossy paper.

This means that offices that need high-quality glossy paper for their direct mail campaigns or their marketing booklets can now do so using fully recycled paper. This will not only go a long way to cutting back on carbon dioxide emissions, but it will also make both business owners and their customers feel less guilty about constantly getting marketing materials in the mail. 

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